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OnGrade Studio is a kiln glass workshop and classroom in Portland, Oregon that produces fine objects in kiln glass with special attention to detail and design. Only small batches of unique designs are produced so that each object is rare and desirable. Certain designs are truly one of a kind and may never be repeated.
Kiln glass is an area of glassmaking that includes the many ways of manipulating and forming glass in an electric kiln. The work produced at OnGrade often combines a variety of kiln forming methods including lost wax kiln casting, Vitrigraph murine making, fusing and slumping.

Aside from making amazing glass objects OnGrade offers a variety of workshops in a well equipped modern studio. Personalized workshops are offered by
Nathan Sandberg who has over 15 years of glass working and art experience.

Inquire about a
workshop at OnGrade.

If you can't make it to Portland check Nathans
traveling workshop schedule.
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In 2009, while working at the Bullseye Glass Factory Nathan began to experiment with the Vitrigraph kiln as a tool for making modern kiln-formed murine. Since it's inception in the early Nineties the Vitrigraph had been used to pull custom stringers or threads of glass. Presently, the possibilities continue to evolve at OnGrade Studio.
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