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Educational Video Lessons Available

OnGrade Studio is the personal workshop of glass artist Nathan Sandberg. Located in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland Oregon, the thoroughly equipped and meticulously organized work space also doubles as a teaching studio and until recently was accepting bookings for 2020. This was gonna be our year!!

Everyone's world changed rapidly in March 2020… As artists we are a tough, resilient bunch and as a small (tiny, micro) business we feel lucky that we are small enough to be extremely flexible.

Some of you might know that Nathan went to school for photography. He also worked on video projects with Bullseye Glass Co. when he worked there and more recently with AAE Glass. It is this experience that we now draw upon as we adapt. We are now offering as much of our usual workshops as possible via Skype Now Video Sessions.

Sessions will be available for private lessons with Nathan as well as for small groups of no more than five attendees. Each session will be presented from OnGrade Studio using high definition cameras and professional lighting and audio equipment.

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