Inside Out Flow Vessel

Join Nathan in the studio as he demonstrates how to make a brand new flow based project. While the principles of flow have been discussed in previous classes the lesson presented here covers the complete process from beginning to end.

Session #7, June 7

Session #8, June 13

Session #9, June 16

Demonstrations include:

  • Circle cutting
  • Ring cutting (without relief cut)
  • Volume calculation for FLOW
  • Firepolishing

Inside Out Flow Vessel
Pressed Vitrigraph Tray

Follow Nathan as he transforms a pot (or two) of scraps into a very refreshing kiln-glass form. The main project is 9" x 9" x 1" deep and only 3mm thick!

Session #3, May 31

Session #4, June 10

Session #5, June 21

Discussion topics include:

  • Kush Style Vitrigraph murrine making
  • Pressing kiln-glass to achieve thinner work
  • Vitrigraph mounds
  • Shallow dropout vessels

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Let's Talk About: Flatop Dropout Rings and Dōp-Dropout Paste

**Free Informational Session**
June 5, 10am PDT

Nathan can't travel right now and is itching to tell the world about two exciting new products. At OnGrade we've been using these rings in combination with Dōp for years and recently released them to the world. Let's talk about why we made and why makes 'em great.

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Let's Demonstrate: Rounding That Rim!

June 3, 3pm PDT

Are flat rims getting you down? Join Nathan in the cold shop to learn about the, relatively unknown, tools and methods he uses too remove rims and complete his kiln-glass vessels.

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