Kilncast Boxes
4-5 Days
1-4 Students
Kilncast glass boxes can be created in a variety of ways, using many forms of glass from billets to frit, and even Vitrigraph murrine. Learn how to create and fire your own molds in this workshop that focuses on a relatively unexplored form within kiln-glass. Please note: Nathan’s Kilnformed Murrine Boxes workshop will only be available at OnGrade Studio in 2019

3-5 Days
1-4 Students
While working at the Bullseye Glass Factory from 2005-2012 Nathan worked to develop ways of producing modern cane and murrine using the Vitrigraph kiln. Since then the methods have travelled wide and far. At OnGrade you can learn the history, techniques and evolution of Nathan’s Vitrigraph methods. Multiple classes are available teaching techniques from introductory cane and murrine to complex murrine and special effects.

Dropout Vessels
3-5 Days
1-2 Students
The Dropout method of slumping glass in a kiln can be used to create dramatic, functional kilnformed glass bowls, vases and platters. These vessels can range in size from 3” diameter to 14” diameter and above and stand as tall and deep as the kiln will allow. Glass in a variety of forms can be exploited to produce stunning effects. Nathan specializes in dropout vessels made using Vitrigraph murrine, glass frit or rods.

Tabletops-Architectural Elements/Home Accents
3-6 days
1 Student
A thick, solid-glass tabletop, counter or shelf has a great deal of functional, visual and material appeal. With a firm understanding of a few basic principles and materials, the biggest hurdle quickly becomes the size of the kiln.

Lost Wax Kilncasting
5-6 days
1-2 Students
Lost wax kiln-casting has an unfair reputation of being complex, messy, risky and even dangerous! The truth is that some (not all) of those descriptions are true….But that’s what makes it great! Learn how to transform a wax model into a glass object in a few (slightly complex, messy) steps. The resulting kilncast glass objects can take on many forms from a functional flowerpot to a replica of your hand and almost everything in between. Related topics include kilncasting, Investment moldmaking, wax-working, flexible moldmaking and kiln firing theory.

Let it Flow
4 days
1-2 Students
Years ago, Nathan helped develop the original, Go With The Flow workshop, for Bullseye. Since 2010 he hasn’t stopped expanding the methods and recently repackaged his discoveries into the new Let it Flow workshop. It is a big workshop that can’t fit into all studios so it only makes a limited appearance on the travel circuit.